Monday, November 15, 2010

Kroger v. Martins, Week of 11/14/2010

This week looks a little better than last, with our standard Boneless/skinless Chicken Breasts on sale again.  Here's the breakdown for the week.

Kroger @ 1.99/lb  (Tyson)

Ground Beef:
Martins @ 1.99/lb (80% lean)

Apparently there are all kinds of Turkey out there.

Kroger has two offerings
  Butterball @ 1.39/lb
  Honeysuckle @ 0.37/lb w/$25 purchase

Really?  Is Butterball that much better?

Martins has three
  Butterball @ 1.29/lb
  GIANT Young Turkeys @ 0.99/lb
  GIANT Premium Grade A Turkeys @ 0.29/lb  (They are listing this as 1.00 in savings)

It's hard to beat 0.29/lb for any meat, despite the bones and innards being thrown in there.

Pork Chops (boneless):
Martins @ 2.99/lb  (Kroger is at 3.99/lb -- maybe they are Butterball Pork Chops)

Ice Cream:
Martins has Breyers @ 2/5.00
Kroger has Edy's @ 2.99 and Kroger Brand @ 2/5.00

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