Thursday, December 16, 2010

BLOCKBUSTER By Mail Special Offer - 3 Months for $9.99

BLOCKBUSTER is selling gift cards in stores for $9.99 that are good for a 3-month subscription to their BLOCKBUSTER by Mail service.  If you aren't familiar with their new service, it is similar to Netflix, but also includes video games like GameFly.  Once the three month trial is up, the normal price is $11.99 a month.

I picked up one two days ago and expect to get my first game tomorrow.  This is a great deal for gaming enthusiasts.  The only downside is that many of the gaming titles aren't available until three months after their release.  I assume this is because the in-store rentals of the newer games is very lucrative and they don't want to hurt their stores.

For more details on BLOCKBUSTER By Mail, head over here.


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