Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cheap DVD "rentals"

Movie tickets are expensive!  It's hard for me to justify taking the family of four to a movie these days.  It doesn't help that there is a short list of movies both my kids want to watch.  So, we generally just watch DVDs.  We've used Netflix in the past, and love the streaming feature, but found we were keeping movies on the coffee table for longer and longer without watching them.

One great source for inexpensive DVDs is Redbox.  I'm sure you've seen them outside your local Walgreens, Kroger, Martins, etc.  Movies from the kiosks are only $1.00 a day and there are ample opportunities for free rentals.  For example, at Kroger I received several free rental codes from the coupon printing machine.  You can also score free rentals by registering at  You can also sign up for monthly free codes by giving them your cell number.

My new favorite source for free DVDs is the Henrico County Library.  Twenty years ago when we were just married we tried to get DVDs (OK, VHS tapes) from the library and they had maybe 20 movies.  That's certainly changed now, and with the ability to request movies from other libraries and have them delivered to your closest library for pickup, they've made it easy to get what you want.  Do they have every movie?  Nope, but they have enough to make it worth your time.  They have many movies for kids (we've just run through 10+ Bill Nye the Science Guy DVDs) and quite a few for adults (I have Iron Man 2 on my desk right now).  All you have to do is search their online catalog and put holds on the movies you want to see.  (BTW, Doing a search of DVDs shows over 12,000 titles.)  It will take some time to get most popular movies, but the cost more than makes up for the delay.  Oh, and they have Blue-Ray versions too!


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