Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preparing meals ahead

With all the chicken I picked up at Martins I wanted to take a crack at preparing meals ahead.  I'm a big fan of the slow-cooker and have had success with quite a few recipes, but I'm always eager to try new ones.  So, combining the two, I decided to pre-make several slow-cooker recipes.

I know, I know, slow-cooker meals are already prepared hours ahead.  That's not important now, I still wanted to try it this way!

First of all, I chopped about 6 cups of onions.  They're good for you and when cooked in the slow cooker they take on the tastes of the rest of the ingredients and stop being so onion (for this kids, of course).  I only teared up a little bit.

Next, I grabbed a handful of recipes from for "Dump Chicken".  Thanks, AnnapolisLari!  I decided to try the Honey Glazed, Creole and Sticky Chicky variants.  I placed each recipe in it's own little freezer bag along with the chicken breasts per the instructions.  Mostly per the instructions, that is, I'm not good at strictly following recipes.

Finally, I sealed them and squished them satisfyingly to mix everything up. They are now patiently waiting in my freezer for their shot at glory.  I'm most interested in the Sticky Chicky.  I'll let you know how it comes out.


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  1. We had the Sticky Chicky last night. It got high marks from the whole family, but I think the best part of the meal was that we spent much of the day running errands and came home to a new and interesting meal that cooked itself.

    Meal prep was about 10 minutes because we decided to cook up some frozen pot stickers along with the couscous we already had planned.