Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solar Power Experiment - Results

OK, it's been two weeks now with my Solar 12V Battery Maintainer and I have to say, I really think it is working.  While I'm not at the point yet were I am supremely confident in the starting power of the battery, it's started consistently and reliably since I installed the device.  And by install, I mean sitting loosely on my dashboard when parked or in the seat next to me while driving.  They provide suction cups to mount the device, but my dash is textured and uneven and my windshield is small enough already I don't think I should block any of it.

My only complaint is that there is no indicator on the device that it is "doing" anything.  When not plugged into the lighter socket, there is an LED that indicates 1) insufficient light - dark, 2) sufficient light - flashing, 3) abundance of light - solid.  Once you plug it in, however, the LED is meaningless.  The instructions state that it could be in any of the three states, but that it means nothing.  I'd like to know that it was sending a trickle charge to the battery, but I guess I have to trust that it is every time the car starts.

BTW, I'm not sure I'd recommend this solution to anyone else, but for now it is working for me.


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